Transforming the World, One Poop at a Time

Welcome to the PooPride blog, a special place dedicated to celebrating…you guessed it…poop!

 First, a little self-introduction.

 We are a team of passionate indie game developers on a mission to transform the way you think and feel about poop. In this blog, we’ll share our progress as we bring the game PooPride to the world.

 PooPride is pure FUN and LAUGHTER – the most potent weapons for revolution.

 “Huh? Revolution?” you ask.

 Because pooping is essential to life, but poop in the wrong place is deadly. Too many people in our world live without access to adequate toilets and sewage systems. As we develop PooPride, we will constantly be looking for ways that we can help make sure everyone can put poop where it belongs.

 And, there’s also poop as it exists in our minds. Too often, it is in the wrong place, attached to feelings of shame and embarrassment.

 We want you to feel GOOD about your poop!

 Hence, PooPride!

 We invite you to join our (bowel) movement.

Team PooPride^^

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