FAQ: Why Poop?

At first, this poop thing was just for fun. But, there’s more to it than that.


We need poop to live.

We carry it with us everywhere we go.

But the moment it leaves our bodies, we shun it as stinky, dirty, vulgar, yucky.

But what if we could accept our poop for what it is? And what is it, exactly? I’d say: Poop is necessary for life, an essential element for health and happiness.


What if we could reframe the way we think about poop?

I think this could be a step toward liberation from preconceived ideas and assumptions.


I mean, kids love poop – until the moment adults are able to teach them the Rules of society. Poop is not to be discussed. It’s just one of the many assumptions and preconceived ideas that comes with being socialized, being civilized.


Herein I think lies a clue to finding genuine happiness.

Accept whatever comes your way, even the things you wish didn’t happen to you. Balance childlike inspiration with the knowledge and skills of adulthood. Use the resulting wisdom to keep on coming up with alternatives.


Yucky things have value.

And, I think poop is an apt symbol for things in life that are distasteful, and yet important.


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