Poop on TV! \(◎o◎)/!


Poop on TV! \(◎o◎)/!

March 9, 2015

Hi folks,

You can see me above in my full-body golden turd leotard with sculptural poop hat, the tux deluxe from my (water) closet.

Why am I so dressed up?

The occasion was the Indie Stream Fes on September 20, 2014. Tengami’s Ryo Agarie fromNyamyam, one of the event sponsors, invited me to attend. I attracted attention like flies to a steamy pile of you-know-what, and got to do lots of handshaking with attendees from around the world.

The screenshot above is from a TV show about indie games on Kickstarter.

Yes, that’s right! We are building toward a Kickstarter launch!

The PooPride team hails from Japan, China, Korea and the US — countries that have a long and tangled past, but are united here through the positive power of poop! We are having biweekly meetings and around-the-clock online discussions to bring laughter to the world through PooPride!

Join the PooPride Movement!

It’s all for love and peace^^

Mr. Poop








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